Friday, April 30, 2010

Musical Inspiration from my April

As promised, I am back with another edition of music that I could not get away from throughout this month! The grouping includes an interesting mish-mash of folk (surprise, surprise...), acoustic, country, and even a little mainstream goodness. Some songs are new, others are old, and one is even older (good ole John Denver), but this month's soundtrack all comes together to be quite marvelous if I do say so myself.

1) You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
2) Forgive You - Vedera
3) Cemeteries of London - Coldplay
4) I Met Up With the King - First Aid Kit
5) Bird Song - Sherree Chamberlain
6) We Sing - Vedera
7) Ambulance - Eisley
8) The Girl - City and Colour
9) Electric Bird - Sia
10) Grandma's Feather Bed - John Denver
Description: Beautiful songs (some happy, some sad, some indifferent) that have inspired my April.

Download the playlist on i-Tunes!

What songs, albums, or artists made your April fabulous?


Monday, April 26, 2010

Pretty Picture: Girls in Coats by Danny Roberts

It is no secret that Danny Roberts is my favorite fashion illustrator, and I might or might not have a secret crush on him. Anyway, I was browsing his etsy shop recently and fell completely in love with this painting, entitled Girls in Coats. Whether I am savoring every moment in them during winter or eagerly anticipating weather that allows me to pull them out again, coats draw me in all year round. So it is not surprising that this painting especially caught my eye.

If you have not discovered Danny yet, do not waste another moment! Check out his fantastical blog Igor+Andre right now!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Casual Evening Out

Most of my previous looks have shown me in dresses and skirts, but, believe it or not, I actually wear skinny jeans most days. I am especially in love with jean leggings because they are very flattering on my twiggy legs. I wore this outfit out to dinner with my parents and some long-time family friends last night!

What I Wore:
* Bright yellow tunic from Heritage 1981 (sold in Forever 21)
* Gray cardi from Target
* Jean leggings from Pacific Sunwear (I have two pairs already)
* Classic kitten heels from Target
* Deep red vintage bag from my grandma
* Silver cut-out earrings from H&M (my go-to earrings that look FAB with almost anything in my closet)

Check out this look on Lookbook or Chictopia!


P.S. How do you like my French braided hairstyle?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dressing for Earth Day can be every day!

Yes, I realize that it is not Earth Day anymore, but it sure was fun while it lasted! Celebrating this day definitely makes you stop and think about all the innovation surrounding the green lifestyle. And for fashionistas like me, fashion is one of the first things on the mind, so it is especially intriguing to watch independent (and some mainstream) designers in their efforts to become more eco-friendly.

The cultural movement toward being environmentally and socially aware has encouraged the fashion industry to work with new materials, seek out and use local labor, find new uses for old things, and watch the entire production process from seed to cloth. Realizing these byproducts of the green movement is enough to even grab the attention and appreciation of those who are not necessarily into the movement itself--simply because it has fostered creativity and innovation. Really, you have to admit that there is something very interesting and fun about the need to be green and socially responsible.

While we are on the subject, here are a few seemingly-obvious but easy ways to incorporate a green perspective into your wardrobe:
* Buy vintage clothing and accessories - Rummage through your local thrift stores or online marketplaces like Etsy and Market Publique. And check with your grandma or great aunt!
* Wear hand-me-downs (only if cute though!) - Be open to free clothes from relatives or friends. You might already share clothes with your best friend or sister, so that works too!
* Support eco-friendly designers - Check out Matt & Nat, Fin Oslo, and Lu Flux for starters! 
* Build a sustainable wardrobe with staple pieces - Look for classic silhouettes and interesting details.
* Host or attend a "Swishing" clothes-swap party - This is such a fun way to change up your wardrobe just a bit. Gather up several items of clothing that could use some new loving and get together with friends or the community to swap. Planning one of these awesome events is on my to-do list!

As we are in the green-loving spirit, let me remind you to keep a lookout for my eco-friendly column on N.E.E.T. Magazine's blog twice a month, where I go in-depth with eco-friendly designers from all over the world!
Get the Eco-Friendly Look...
1) Amber Dobby Dress II (eco-friendly materials) - $398 - Shop Substance; 2) Woven Clutch (organic cotton) - $40 - Greenloop; 3) Honeycomb Charm Necklace (ethical fashion) - $620 - Juno & Jove, Inc; 4) Knee-High Socks (organic) - $8 - Sock Dreams; 5) Vintage Oxfords - $67 - Kenaione; 6) Vintage Cardi - $34 - Paradox


Friday, April 23, 2010

Pretty Picture: Boredom with Bubble Gum

Flickr can be so addicting sometimes. Just typing in a few words like balloon or bubble will send you perusing for hours, just because there is so much out there. But even though there is an abundance of talented photographers, it is always a treat to stumble upon a new one like the author (BOP33P via Flickr) of today's inspiration pretty picture.

The bubble-blowing model above is also the photographer  and creative mind behind all her pictures. Be sure to take a look through her photo stream on Flickr, where she is currently finishing up a very cute series through the alphabet ("A is for..." or "B is for...").

Oh, and as pictures inspire me, you can expect more loveliness from a fashionable perspective!  


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Latest Obsession: French Braids


A couple weeks ago while watching a movie, I started playing with my hair, twisting it around this way and that. Before long, I managed to have a very loose French braid coming around into a side ponytail. Wondering if it was even presentable, I ran to the mirror to check out the style and realized that it definitely had potential to be street-wearable. 

Since my first go at this style was a complete accident (after all, I was styling blindly), I have continued to perfect the look. Thanks to the numerous tutorials online, getting braiding tips from the pros is easy and fun. In general, Ford Models and (pixiwoo on youtube) are my go-to sources for hair and makeup tips. Always fantastic!

Here is my favorite braided style from Johnny Lavoy at Ford Models:

If only I had an extra hand at my beck and call...braiding can sure make your arms tired after a while! Good thing that the finished result looks pretty and bohemian. And it really does not take that much time,  making it a great way to stylishly pull your hair back, especially if you are in a hurry.

Next time I document one of my outfits (or the next few since I am a bit obsessed), expect a French braided look with my hair!  

P.S. Yesterday was my DFOF posting day, and I am quite in love with the collage I created about hot air balloons. Go on over to see and read for yourself!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Red Bag

Yes, the red bag is just a small part of my outfit, but it definitely adds the needed POP of color. It has been very rainy these past few days, and today I needed a dress-up outfit that is semi-warm and easy to keep dry. As much as I love my rainboots, they do not look that chic with a pretty skirt and top. But since my oxfords are not suede, they are great for wearing in the rain!

What I Wore:
* Black top with ruched sleeves from Ross
* Red vintage purse from my grandma
* Cream vintage belt from my grandma
* Skirt with blue stitching from Forever21
* Black tights from Target
* Black oxfords by Maripè from a MASSIVE closeout sale

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P.S. I apologize for the poor coloring in my photos. It has been so gray outside lately, and the lighting inside is not very good either. Of course, it ends up making everything look quite retro, which is always a plus in my eyes anyway...sometimes I feel like I belong in a different era. But you can expect better quality and coloring in the future! <3

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nadinoo Revisited

A few months ago, I chatted with Nadia Izruna of the fantastical, whimsical brand Nadinoo. Based in London, Nadinoo recently unveiled its Spring/Summer 2010 collection, and it is nothing short of lovely (as usual). Filled with Peter Pan collars, high-waisted shorts, and sweet dresses (all impeccably tailored), this brand still has my heart.

When you check out the full lookbook, pay attention to the pretty designs, but also notice the GREAT shoes that Nadia paired with each look. The t-strap pumps with ankle socks are my favorite combination!

Learn more about Nadinoo...
Official Blog
My Interview with Nadia Izruna ~ written for DFOF


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just another day at the office...

What I Wore:
* Crocheted Green Cropped Cardi from H&M (snagged it in LA!)
* Little Black Dress by Ruby Rox
* Ivory Vintage Belt from my Grandma
* Black Sandal Wedges from Target
* Silver Filigree Earrings from H&M (my sister brought them back from London!)

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P.S. My first designer interview article ran yesterday on N.E.E.T.'s blog! I had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely ladies at Sublet Clothing, Inessah and Tara. Read the article and be inspired by this eco-friendly label!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last minute birthday wishes...

Some of you already saw my birthday wishlist, but I came across a couple things in the last couple weeks that I want:
* Girls in Glasses Tee by Danny Roberts - $45 - Igor+Andre Store
* Diana Camera with Flash -  $74 -

The tee is fabulously mod because of the great illustration by Danny Roberts, the amazing artist behind Igor+Andre and my current cute boy "crush." And I love the Diana camera because it takes fantastical, fairytale-looking pictures. My sister has a Holga, so I need a Diana for our lomography collaborations. Plus, I would love to document my travels across Europe through the eye of soon as I get the chance to go in the next year or so. 

Thanks for reading lovelies!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fashionable Face: Diane Birch


From now on, I will periodically be focusing on a fashionable face from the music, film, and street scenes...or simply anyone whose style inspires me. Watch out, it could be you!

Starting off with this fun new category, it makes sense to talk about the fabulous Diane Birch, who has been a fave singer of mine since Bible Belt debuted last June. She has the thick, blunt bangs with the straight, long hair, and her clothing choices typically have a 60s or 70s feel. Often spotted wearing a black hat, classic trench, or mini dress, Diane makes a statement wherever she goes by mixing modern details with vintage loveliness. Plus, her unique singing voice makes her an instant standout in the sea of the same.  

Check out her newest music video to her hit song Valentino:

You know you are inspired too, so snag Diane's album on iTunes or Amazon!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Dress

All the cool bloggers post what they wear, so it is about time I join the group. Besides, my LOOKBOOK profile has been abandoned for far too long.

So the title is pretty self-explanatory. The picture shows what I wore today for Easter Sunday. I am especially in love with the boxy wrap-around purse. It looks sort of vintage, camera case-inspired to me. I swiped it while thrifting with my sister yesterday, and it ended up being a great accent with today's look.

Okay, now go give me some love on Lookbook & Chictopia please! <3


P.S. In other news, I want to purchase a really nice camera. Any suggestions?

Another N.E.E.T. Surprise!

What can I say? Writing for the March issue of N.E.E.T. was such a blast that I jumped on the opportunity to be a permanent contributor for the magazine's blog. Joining forces with N.E.E.T. is super exciting because it is an amazing magazine based in the United Kingdom, and the blog will be nothing less than fantastic. It is also a huge honor to be in the company of five other bloggers from across the world, each bringing a unique perspective to grassroots creativity. 

As the eco-friendly blogger, I will be interviewing designers focused on sustainability and social responsibility and providing an in-depth look into their design stories. By the way, N.E.E.T.'s editor-in-chief Stephanie J has already given me a sneak peak into some possible labels to feature, and every single one is incredible. Stay tuned for my debut article with N.E.E.T. in the next week or so!

Read more about the lovely ladies of N.E.E.T.'s Blog Team here!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Musical Inspiration from My March

As mentioned in previous convos, fashion and music go hand-in-hand. Whether it is hip, indie bands bringing skinny back or fashionistas styling the up-and-coming for shoots, both groups are essential in making our world lovely.

Being a musician and fashionista, it seems only fitting to share my musical inspirations, which always spill over into the aesthetic of my style anyway. So at the end of each month (or early into the following), I will provide a quick rundown of music that has won my attention and numerous listens, complete with a playlist!

During my March, the following songs were playing on repeat:

1 ) Harold T. Wilkins, or How to Wait for a Very Long Time by Fanfarlo
2 ) Acorn Factory by The Dodos
3 ) Rebellion (Lies) by The Arcade Fire
4 ) Fools by Diane Birch
5 ) She's Got Something by Greg Holden
6 ) Telephone by Pomplamoose
7 ) Maneater by The Bird and the Bee
8 ) Bicycle by Memory Tapes
9 )  Eet by Regina Spektor
10 ) The Hat by Ingrid Michaelson
11 ) Vagabond by Wolfmother
12 ) This is the New Year by Ian Axel
13 ) Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Bublé

Download my playlist on iTunes!


P.S. Ian Axel has been a favorite for the last couple weeks, ever since discovering his youtube channel. Currently in the touring company of Greg Holden (another fave and featured artist above), Ian's music is filled with honest lyrics and fun melodies, which mixes great with his unique voice, so definitely check him out. His very cool video of "This Is The New Year" (below) features several New Yorkers from the music scene up east. Such a blast!