Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FALL is in the air!

Happy fall everyone! Isn't it the most WONDERFUL time of year? I certainly think it is - especially now that the air has that cool crispness about it, and I can finally pull out my collection of boots, outerwear, scarves, and hats.

Boots won't be leaving my feet for another six months, and I'll probably add a pair or two along the way. With winter just around the corner, I'll continue my search for this year's perfect coat, even though outerwear is always on my radar despite the season. I never grow tired of discovering yet another gorgeous coat.

I am also ready to bring out my scarves, even debut a few new ones. Thanks to my mommy and our de-cluttering extravaganza over Labor Day, I have an even larger collection of vintage scarves. It's great when you know the origin of your vintage - I love that my grandmothers and mother wore many of the things I rock around town now.

Oh, and I've decided that I want to wear hats more often in the coming months. Growing up, I was quite the little hat girl, but I moved on at some point I guess? Anyway, since I recently became reacquainted with my lovely red beret and hunter green cloche (both WAITING for a day out), I'm ready to become a hat-wearer once again.

As you can probably tell, I'm excited about fall and am enjoying it thoroughly!
I've already started layering my clothes...
Foundational outfit - dress, skinnies, and boots
Adding my accessories - scarf and purse
Closer view of that scarf - thank you Anthropologie NYC!
Got my trench, and I'm ready to go!

What I Wore:
* Floral Dress - $17.80 - Forever 21
* Gray Skinny Jeans - $25 - Pac Sun
* Ruched Scarf - $30 - Anthropologie
* Leaf Earrings - $4.80 - Forever 21
* Trench - Old Navy (don't remember price - had it for years)
* Gray Boots - $8 - Ross
* Vintage Purse - FREE - my grandma's closet

* I twisted my hair into a loose side bun and secured it with two decorative hair slides (from Anthropologie). Thick slides, like these, work best.


In other news, Mumford & Sons is my new favorite band.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A lovely Saturday afternoon

Apart from it being a little toasty outside, this past weekend was really fun! On Saturday, I visited my little sister (as in younger). We ran around town doing some of our favorite things:
* Tried local dining - Bacon cheeseburgers (3 bucks!) and fountain drinks
* Got snow cones - Cherry & cream is my fave flavor! <3
* Breezed through some thrift stores
* Talked, talked, and talked - What are sisters for?

Anyway, my lovely sister snapped a few photos of my outfit while we were out exploring. Enjoy!

What I Wore:
* Striped tunic/dress - $15 - Forever 21
* Jeggings - $22 - Pac Sun
* Vintage belt - FREE - my grandma's closet
* Moccasins - $15 - made by me from a kit (bought locally)
* Vintage purse - FREE - my grandma's closet
* Leaf earrings - $4.80 - Forever 21
* Sunglasses - $5 - local boutique

Here's a better shot of my earrings from a photo booth session with my macbook (haha). I wear these almost every day right now...in anticipation of fall weather. Just get here already!