Sunday, March 28, 2010

Almost a year older...!

1) Set of Professional Makeup Brushes - $60 - Sephora; 2) Cuckoo For You-oo Necklace - £11.50 - Eclectic Eccentricity; 3) Vintage Floral Dress - $31.50 - The Wooden Spool; 4) Peter Pan Collar Blouse - $38 - Urban Outfitters; 5) Ultra Chi Pink Straightener - $129.95 - Ulta; 6) High Pigment Eyeshadow Palette (66 colors) - $24 - Urban Outfitters; 7) Vintage Granny Ankle Boots by Gucci - $115 - James Rowland Shop; 8) Black Bow Headband - $20 - Jennifer Birge; 9) Quilted Detailing Bag - $228 - Kate Spade

The last several months have been so busy that I almost forgot that my birthday is coming up next month! While I figure out with whom and how to celebrate it, let me direct you to some fabulous items that have been on my radar for quite a bit, all perfect gifts for me by the way...

First up, a few essential items that I need for my daily getting-ready routine:
* Makeup Brushes - Since last Christmas, I have been looking for a really nice set of professional makeup brushes, and I am just about sold on the ones above from Sephora. With ten assorted brushes bundled in a lovely pink pouch, this set is just the thing for budget fashionistas (like myself) with expensive taste.
* High Pigment Eyeshadow Palette - While we are talking about makeup, I must say that I am ready to take the advice of all the fabulous web makeup artists (as made famous by youtube) and invest in a high pigment eyeshadow palette.
* CHI Straightener - Investing in a quality product is definitely worth it when it comes to hair and makeup. Over the years, I have probably purchased and worn out three cheap straighteners (all rough on my hair). In college, I was spoiled by my roommate's CHI, and I have been wanting one ever since. The one above from ULTA is even on sale right now! 

The other items included are versions of things that I really love right now:
* Unexpected Charms on Jewelry - Since I have an obsession with Germany, it fits that this cuckoo clock necklace strikes my fancy. Matryoshka dolls (or Russian nesting dolls) as charms are also looking great on necklaces. Leave it to me to love anything foreign-inspired. Even when I am not traveling to other countries, my clothing and accessories possess hints of other places. 
* Floral Dresses - While we were working through our spring trend series on DFOF, I wrote up a piece on floral dresses. I am especially fond of bright floral prints, preferably with exposed zippers.
* Peter Pan Collar Blouses - This design is so cute. A little childish with a hint of sophisticated, any fitted blouse with a Peter Pan collar grabs my attention. They look best in some kind of print, either in muted or bright colors.  
* Quilted Detailing on Anything - Whether it is spicing up a leather jacket, cotton bag, or printed skirt, quilting is one of my favorite details right now. I am especially digging this chic Kate Spade bag with simple square quilting.
* Bow Headbands - I love this headband by Jennifer Birge! Even though I have seen and loved this designer's work before on Etsy, I was reminded of how gorgeous her pieces are after she was featured in the last issue of N.E.E.T. Magazine along with Kelsi and me (aka, the Dedicated girls).
* Prairie Girl Boots - Also called Granny boots, I have pretty much been obsessed with these boots for six or more months. I always loved the style when I was a kid, but I need a new "grown-up" pair for my current fashionising.

Now that you know what to get me, how should I celebrate? Ideas please!




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