Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mustard Tights

I love mustard yellow far too much. If I could get away with wearing it every day, I would be more than okay. It's so easy to wear this color because is IS a favorite in the color palette amongst fashion retailers. But I'll have you know that I loved mustard before there was so much of it out there. Now, lucky for me, it's just more accessible to grab scarves, dresses, shirts, gloves, hats, and TIGHTS in this bright, cheery shade. So I'm stocking up!

My latest mustard wardrobe love are my tights from Anthropologie. At first, I was afraid they would just sit in my dresser unopened, but they have already gotten quite a bit of use, especially when paired with a LBD. It also helps that my favorite coat of the moment has hints of mustard in the plaid.

Who could pass up a photo opportunity like this? I match!

What I Wore:
* Retro swing coat - $50 - H&M (I have one nearby now!)
* LBD - $40 - Gap
* Mustard tights - $6 - Anthropologie
* City flats - $20 - Gap
* Vintage purse - FREE - my grandma's closet
* Earrings - under $4 - Forever21


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are you a mod or a rocker?

"I'm a mocker."

PLEASE tell me you've seen A Hard Day's Night (1964) with those fabulous Brits! I grew up on that movie (or just Beatles mania in general), and you'll often catch my little sister and me dropping references to the film. Many of our favorite quotes, including this post's title, are in the video seen above.

So why this sudden reference to the Beatles? Well...I just trimmed my bangs tonight, and, as always after a trim, I'm feeling very modish, which brings to mind the quote I just mentioned. My hair is looking more and more retro every day with my thick, straight-across bangs and long hair without layers. I'm a fan. I guess it's because of my obsession with 60s/70s fashion and my efforts to emulate those mods and rockers (and folkies) in whatever way I can--stylishly-speaking. It's no wonder that I can't go a day without dramatic black eyeliner and thick mascara.    

Now I just want to share a few other videos from the movie because I'm missing my little sister, and these remind me of her. Plus, the humorous conversation of the world's favorite "mockers" is worth a watch or two anyway. Better yet, rent the movie!

"They're [shirts] dead grotty." 

"Hey mister! Can we have our ball back?"

"I now declare this bridge open!"

You must check out the movie for yourself!


P.S. Yes, it's been ages since I last updated, but not without trying. Between my wonderful new job and unreliable Internet, I think I deserve a free pass for my epic fail in the New Year's resolutions department for blogging. However, my other goals for the year are going quite well. I still need to pick up more books in my spare time, but I'm challenging myself wherever possible, taking in my new city, and experimenting with some new fashion combos. I really wish I had a tripod here for my camera, as many of my outfits have DEFINITELY been blog-worthy.