Friday, February 19, 2010

I've always wanted to live in a store...

This has already been a crazy busy year, but I LOVE it! New opportunities find me all the time, and some/most are absolutely mind-blowing. I am very fortunate! In my newest fashionable endeavors, I may have the opportunity to do some freelance stylist work. More details later if the opportunity works out, but the possibility of the job gave me an idea:

As I was cleaning my bedroom this evening, I realized that there is just not enough room for everything in my closet. I can get things put away, but I always end up forgetting about what I have because things get crammed together. So I am thinking about a bedroom redesign--possibly resembling a stylist's closet. Instead of keeping clothes only in my closet, I want to get some smaller rolling racks for the main space. I have some shelves that are not going to any real use, so I can use that area for hats and headbands.

I would love to have a bedroom to be used almost like my style office. It would be the perfect inspirational environment in which to write my fashion articles, and I could bring clients in to choose outfits for shoots. Plus, none of my clothes would get lonely or forgotten anymore!

This could be fun...almost like living in a mini boutique! I will keep you updated on everything!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today's Winnings

It has been quite a wonderful day! I spent the afternoon hanging out with my younger sister (she is also one of my besties!!). After a nice, VERY-filling lunch, we hit the malls to work off a few pounds before heading back to watch (500) Days of Summer. The shopping trip was really successful for us both. Check out my "winnings" (pictured above) in detail below:

1) Free "Be Stupid for Successful Living" t-shirt from the latest issue of NYLON Magazine - What a wonderful way to get people to buy NYLON. My sister and I often share issues of mags, but getting a free t-shirt enticed us into buying our own copies. Funny thing is: I rarely wear t-shirts. This one is pretty cool though!
2) Latest issue of NYLON Magazine - This magazine is so hip, fresh, cool, creative, etc, etc! Not your typical fashion magazine and always an interesting read, I dream of writing with them one day. On my way!
3) Boho Magazine, Issue No. 6 - Just discovered this New Jersey-based magazine in the bookstore today, and I am quite possibly in love. Upon every turn of the page in this green fashion magazine comes something very whimsical and pretty. Plus, every issue is printed on recycled paper! 
4) Feather Earrings - Not sure how it happened, but until today's shopping trip, I did not have any feather earrings. These were cute and only $3.50 from Claire's, so "cha-ching" went my card! Who carries cash anymore anyway?
5) Gold & Cream Dress by Rampage - Sometimes you happen upon those dresses that look just as great on the clothing rack as they do on you. Seeing and trying on this dress led to that kind of lovely experience. By the way, it was on sale for only $16.99. Now that is an absolute steal!
6) Leopard Ruffled T-Strap Pumps by Madden Girl - I love t-straps, animal print, and pumps...ruffles are debatable. Combining several good things can sometimes lead to a disaster, but, in this case, it worked. Even if it had not, these pumps were only $12.99. Once again, CHA-CHING! 

Until next time...


Modeling the free tees from our NYLON mags!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I saw it first Miley!

The Grammy's have come and gone already, but people are still talking about the fashions on the red carpet. As I was admiring the celebrities in their designer wear (labels that I look forward to wearing one day), I was most excited by Miley Cyrus' choice of a long-sleeved, Hervé Léger mini dress. Some called it a bit casual for the Grammy's, but I loved it, especially because of the tie-dyed material. In fact, I loved it when I first picked it out on the catwalks and featured it in my article reviewing the collections during NYFW S/S 2010. It feels good to be on the same wavelength as a celebrity! What can I say? We have great taste!

Check out my original New York Fashion Week article on Dedicated Follower of Fashion (scroll down to "Night Life").

Plus, if you love the dress as much as Miley and me, it will be in an auction (February 8-18) to benefit Haiti relief efforts. Way to go Miley! 


Monday, February 1, 2010

Your English Is Good!

Once you have been around me long enough, you will discover how much I adore music. Not only is it a fabulous means of expression (a bit like a journal), but musicians are often seen as trendsetters. Just remember the Sgt. Pepper look from the Beatles or the recent revival of military attire by Coldplay with Viva La Vida. And do not even get me started on Eisley; they definitely have their own kick going (quite possibly responsible for bringing skinny jeans back), and most only wish they could keep up!
All that to say, music inspires me, and it influences the fashion industry. This evening, my lovely sister introduced me to Tokyo Police Club's video "Your English Is Good," which is filled with very stylish individuals enjoying a summer day. I want to join in the fun chronicled by this adorable group of friends!

See for yourself:


P.S. In other news, I am ready for spring and cute floral dress wearing!