Sunday, May 30, 2010

Black & White Only Please

Apart from being excessively interested in fashion, blogging, and both those things combined, I also work during the day putting my marketing degree to good use. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend an amazing event for work with some pretty notable people in my area. It was a dress-up occasion, which made me especially excited. Not surprisingly, I had just as much fun coming up with an outfit as I did meeting some fabulous people! 

What I Wore:
* Little black dress by Ruby Rox from Ross
* White patent leather pumps by Michelle D from Dillard's
* Vintage white clutch from my grandma
* Retro sunglasses from a local boutique
* White earrings from H&M (in NYC)

Do you like my black and white theme? It had been a while since I worked that combo, so I enjoyed the classic simplicity of the look.

What a fun night!


P.S. I ended up wearing those pumps for over three hours, and there was not much of an opportunity to sit. So my feet gladly enjoyed flats the day following the event!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Film Fashion: An Education

Ever since hearing about An Education, I have been wanting to see it. Last weekend, I finally had the chance to grab a copy of the movie, along with some very unhealthy snacks, and watched it with my best friend. Word on street has been that the storyline and fashion of this movie are equally thrilling, and the rumor was proven least in my opinion!

The movie follows the life of a young girl, named Jenny Millar (Carey Mulligan), who thinks she is missing out on life through her monotonous and seemingly boring days studying to get into Oxford. While going to the university has always been the dream and plan for Jenny and her parents, she is mostly ready to make decisions for herself and be a grown up. But a door into adulthood comes much sooner than expected when she meets an unlikely yet attractive man (Peter Sarsgaard) and his friends. As these new acquaintances and accompanying situations throw her for a loop, her wardrobe fittingly changes and shows her transformation from girl to woman.

In addition to telling an interesting story, An Education is filled with beautiful fashion. I especially adored the floral dresses worn by Jenny during the Paris segment. When I spent last Saturday at the mall with my mother, I kept gravitating toward dresses that looked very similar to those seen in the movie. So the movie obviously inspired me. 

Here are a couple of my own takes on 60s fashion, as seen in An Education:

1) Tweed Shift Dress by Michael Kors - $129.50 - Macy's or Bloomingdale's; 2) Cultured Pearl Earrings - $1,175 - Tiffany & Co; 3) Metallic Clutch - $52 -; 4) Vintage 60s Socialite Pumps - $32 - Revolving Styles
1) Bow Detail Cotton Dress - $117.90 - Nordstrom; 2) Retro Sunglasses - $5.80 - Forever 21; 3) Vintage Flower-Etched Pendant - $11 - In the Past; 4) Black Pumps - $69.99 - Dillard's; 5) Checkbook with Flap Purse - $18 - Urban Outfitters


* Note: Movie images via IMDB

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Fashionable Faces of First Aid Kit

Klara and Johanna Söderberg of First Aid Kit are everything modern folk singers should be. Soon to be everyone's favorite sisters, these adorable Swedes sing and write fantastical music accompanied by great instruments like acoustic guitar, ukulele, and autoharp. Beyond their pretty melodies, the girls have a distinctively folk look, but, unlike some folkies out there, they manage to pull it off without looking disheveled or frumpy. With wardrobes filled with plaid shirts, denim vests, and great sweaters, First Aid Kit shows carefree style at its best. Plus, their success in wearing all denim is inspiring!

Check out this adorable video of "Hard Believer" from their new album The Big Black & The Blue:

And while we are on the subject, let me ask you this: Would you wear all denim? Why or why not? 


P.S. Thanks to my awesome cousin for introducing me to First Aid Kit. It should be obvious that they are a new fave of mine, especially since they were also in my soundtrack of April! 
Check out more from the fabulous duo...

* All pictures from First Aid Kit's myspace and Facebook pages.