Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Latest Obsession: French Braids


A couple weeks ago while watching a movie, I started playing with my hair, twisting it around this way and that. Before long, I managed to have a very loose French braid coming around into a side ponytail. Wondering if it was even presentable, I ran to the mirror to check out the style and realized that it definitely had potential to be street-wearable. 

Since my first go at this style was a complete accident (after all, I was styling blindly), I have continued to perfect the look. Thanks to the numerous tutorials online, getting braiding tips from the pros is easy and fun. In general, Ford Models and fashionface.tv (pixiwoo on youtube) are my go-to sources for hair and makeup tips. Always fantastic!

Here is my favorite braided style from Johnny Lavoy at Ford Models:

If only I had an extra hand at my beck and call...braiding can sure make your arms tired after a while! Good thing that the finished result looks pretty and bohemian. And it really does not take that much time,  making it a great way to stylishly pull your hair back, especially if you are in a hurry.

Next time I document one of my outfits (or the next few since I am a bit obsessed), expect a French braided look with my hair!  

P.S. Yesterday was my DFOF posting day, and I am quite in love with the collage I created about hot air balloons. Go on over to see and read for yourself!

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