Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I ran away to the mountains...

How funny is it that I have updated on the first and last days of this month? It has not been intentional, I promise. Life has been a balancing act more than usual lately because of my main job as an event coordinator. I really enjoy it, but it has been a very busy season in my line of work. And sleep has just happened to win out against blogging. Plus, I have been doing a little traveling...

Yes, I spent a few days with the mountains in my own "backyard." Since one of my dearest friends from college was tying the knot, my bestie and I went out for the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and outdoor wedding--meaning, fun times were had by all and new friends were made. We especially enjoyed staying up late on Friday night playing ninja and signs with the boys. Oh, and I cannot forget to mention being eaten to death by mosquitoes...never seems to matter as much when you are having fun though. 

Anyway, the wedding was beautiful. The bachelorette party was hysterical. And my first go at fondue was divine. Wish I could still be trekking around in the mountains, enjoying the cool evening breeze, and taking in the unique style of those living in the area. I will have to elaborate on the "mountain girl" look at another time, as I am still deciding which elements I want to incorporate into my wardrobe. I bought a cute pair of sunglasses for starters! 

As always, thanks for reading! Once the summer is over, I should have more time to talk.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Ramblings of a fashion blogger with fishtail braids

You know what I love most about freelance writing? Meeting new people and being inspired by them!  There is just something especially cool about working alongside other bloggers and writers and not only reading their work from afar. Joining a blog team allows you to move from "commenter" to "team member," and all kinds of learning opportunities least, that has been my experience!

Most recently, I have been inspired by Katy Jones, a fellow N.E.E.T. blogger and the author behind Dirty Hems. Katy has a knack for organizing and presenting relevant and fun D.I.Y. tutorials. She posted a tutorial (with video) about fishtail braids a few weeks ago, and, as you can see from the snapshots above, I tried it out!

Watching Katy's adorable tutorial sent me back to elementary days when french and fishtail braids were all the rage amongst my friends. Most of my braiding know-how actually came from playing hair at slumber parties or reading Braids & Bows.

Let me just say that this instructional book (published in 1992!) came with a slew of hair accessories, including metallic hair ties, funky ribbon, and a SCRUNCHY! That was a big deal to a little girl in those days. I would curl up in a comfy chair and pour over the book for hours and then rush on to practice braiding on my American Girl doll. Yes, those were the days!