Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Red Bag

Yes, the red bag is just a small part of my outfit, but it definitely adds the needed POP of color. It has been very rainy these past few days, and today I needed a dress-up outfit that is semi-warm and easy to keep dry. As much as I love my rainboots, they do not look that chic with a pretty skirt and top. But since my oxfords are not suede, they are great for wearing in the rain!

What I Wore:
* Black top with ruched sleeves from Ross
* Red vintage purse from my grandma
* Cream vintage belt from my grandma
* Skirt with blue stitching from Forever21
* Black tights from Target
* Black oxfords by Maripè from a MASSIVE closeout sale

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P.S. I apologize for the poor coloring in my photos. It has been so gray outside lately, and the lighting inside is not very good either. Of course, it ends up making everything look quite retro, which is always a plus in my eyes anyway...sometimes I feel like I belong in a different era. But you can expect better quality and coloring in the future! <3


  1. your blog is really cute! love the 'random red bag', really works well with a monochrome outfit