Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another N.E.E.T. Surprise!

What can I say? Writing for the March issue of N.E.E.T. was such a blast that I jumped on the opportunity to be a permanent contributor for the magazine's blog. Joining forces with N.E.E.T. is super exciting because it is an amazing magazine based in the United Kingdom, and the blog will be nothing less than fantastic. It is also a huge honor to be in the company of five other bloggers from across the world, each bringing a unique perspective to grassroots creativity. 

As the eco-friendly blogger, I will be interviewing designers focused on sustainability and social responsibility and providing an in-depth look into their design stories. By the way, N.E.E.T.'s editor-in-chief Stephanie J has already given me a sneak peak into some possible labels to feature, and every single one is incredible. Stay tuned for my debut article with N.E.E.T. in the next week or so!

Read more about the lovely ladies of N.E.E.T.'s Blog Team here!


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