Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fashionable Face: Twiggy

Okay yes, Twiggy is more than a fashionable face. She is, without a doubt, iconic. And however expected or unoriginal it sounds, she is my greatest style inspiration. When I discovered who she was, I secretly wanted to be her, especially since I was often called a twig as a little girl.

This year, as Halloween crept upon me once again with no costume ideas, I finally realized that I should go all out with the mod look of Twiggy (and the mod movement itself). After all, this is an era that I love so much for its style...and great eye makeup. Plus, I am a big fan of buying things that I will continue to wear or use in some way, so it made sense to dress as my style icon.

See how I pulled off the mod look without stepping foot in a costume shop.

Get the look:
1) Dress - $17.80 - Forever 21; 2) Tights - $15 - Anthropologie; 3) False Eyelashes - $2.80 - Forever 21; 4) Black/White Eyeshadow - $58 - Sephora; 5) Fringed Oxfords - $62.99 - Mod Cloth; 6) Earrings - $35.99 - Mod Cloth

Get the hair:
I washed my hair and immediately parted it very far on one side and combed it over. While it was still wet, I pinned it down because my hair isn't used to being parted on the side (plus, I have bangs). As it started to dry, I began applying some hair paste to slick my hair down flat and cover up my bangs. I kept the bobby pins in to keep hair from getting in my eyes, and I teased the back of my hair to get a little volume and then set everything with Aquanet hairspray. Yes, how retro of me, right?

Get the makeup: Tutorial by Pixiwoo
Where would I be without my darling Pixiwoo? These British sisters who just happen to be makeup artists have taught me so much, and they have a fabulous Twiggy-inspired makeup tutorial. I had it playing while I was getting ready to ensure I did not miss a step.

So lovelies, that is how I stayed fashionable this Halloween!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hello Fall!!!!!

It's finally my favorite season of all! If only it could be this beautiful at least six months out of the year, I would never be indoors! I am so in love with the bright colored leaves, perfect temperatures, and autumn smells (candles and cookies that is). Oh, and I can't forget the fact that I'm finally able to pull out my boot and outerwear collections. And yes, I already have my eye on those items that must be added this year...still looking for just the right cape. *sigh* This is perfection.

Here's to a BEAUTIFUL fall. :)