Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dressing for Earth Day can be every day!

Yes, I realize that it is not Earth Day anymore, but it sure was fun while it lasted! Celebrating this day definitely makes you stop and think about all the innovation surrounding the green lifestyle. And for fashionistas like me, fashion is one of the first things on the mind, so it is especially intriguing to watch independent (and some mainstream) designers in their efforts to become more eco-friendly.

The cultural movement toward being environmentally and socially aware has encouraged the fashion industry to work with new materials, seek out and use local labor, find new uses for old things, and watch the entire production process from seed to cloth. Realizing these byproducts of the green movement is enough to even grab the attention and appreciation of those who are not necessarily into the movement itself--simply because it has fostered creativity and innovation. Really, you have to admit that there is something very interesting and fun about the need to be green and socially responsible.

While we are on the subject, here are a few seemingly-obvious but easy ways to incorporate a green perspective into your wardrobe:
* Buy vintage clothing and accessories - Rummage through your local thrift stores or online marketplaces like Etsy and Market Publique. And check with your grandma or great aunt!
* Wear hand-me-downs (only if cute though!) - Be open to free clothes from relatives or friends. You might already share clothes with your best friend or sister, so that works too!
* Support eco-friendly designers - Check out Matt & Nat, Fin Oslo, and Lu Flux for starters! 
* Build a sustainable wardrobe with staple pieces - Look for classic silhouettes and interesting details.
* Host or attend a "Swishing" clothes-swap party - This is such a fun way to change up your wardrobe just a bit. Gather up several items of clothing that could use some new loving and get together with friends or the community to swap. Planning one of these awesome events is on my to-do list!

As we are in the green-loving spirit, let me remind you to keep a lookout for my eco-friendly column on N.E.E.T. Magazine's blog twice a month, where I go in-depth with eco-friendly designers from all over the world!
Get the Eco-Friendly Look...
1) Amber Dobby Dress II (eco-friendly materials) - $398 - Shop Substance; 2) Woven Clutch (organic cotton) - $40 - Greenloop; 3) Honeycomb Charm Necklace (ethical fashion) - $620 - Juno & Jove, Inc; 4) Knee-High Socks (organic) - $8 - Sock Dreams; 5) Vintage Oxfords - $67 - Kenaione; 6) Vintage Cardi - $34 - Paradox



  1. Great picks! I love those booties.

  2. Thanks so much Sarah for featuring my yellow cardigan in your lovely post!!! Love the outfit you have pulled together here...I would wear it all! We definitely need to take care of this beautiful world of ours so thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post - such great ideas.

    Also? Love those little boots, number 5? Awesome.