Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Days Begin and End with Kate Spade

This is a wonderful day. Why you ask? Because my new Kate Spade was waiting for me at home after work!

Everything about Kate Spade makes you feel good. Beyond the fabulous product, you feel like you're opening a present from your best friend.  Every little part of the shopping experience is fun--cute daily emails (especially when the sample sale has hit), adorable packaging, happy store visits...I could go on and on. Sorry lovelies, I have a degree in marketing and feel obligated to gush about good business when I see it.

Drum roll please...!

There's my new Kate. Worth every penny. Now I'm just trying to decide what outfit I'll wear to debut (less than 12 hours to figure it out)!

And, as Mary says, there's me looking like "Christmas" with new Kate. By the way, that dress is probably the second most favorite dress I own. Not surprisingly, it's from Anthro. I'll post some better outfit pictures when I've styled it more thoughtfully (end-of-the day look here). 

Time to call it a day!



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