Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chevrons & Accordion Pleats

Time for another outfit post! I absolutely love this outfit; it just came together so well. I found this dress at a local boutique back home while I was visiting during Christmas. The minute I spotted it, I knew it was for me. Why? Well, I adore accordion pleats and chevrons, and blue really makes my eyes pop (*insert winky face here*). Perfect fit, right?

I noticed the other day that I hadn't worn it yet, and that was just wrong. Lately, I've been realizing that it's important to wear everything in your closet before buying new clothes. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I have too many lovely items hanging in my closet that still have tags.

Other things happening lately, I have a summer roommate, and she is none other than my sweet and stylish little sister! Okay, let me correct myself and say "younger sister," as she hates being called little. I really don't get why, but I'm not the little (uh younger) sister in this equation. We've always been really close, so I love showing her my new life in this amazing city.

In addition, I feel like she's getting me out of my usual routine (in a good way) by discovering all kinds of new, fun things to do. I'm always hanging out with people, but sometimes we get stuck doing the same types of things and don't really experience everything our city holds.

Last weekend, my sister and I went to a record fair. There were vendors from all over selling vinyls, vintage clothing, and original artwork. Back home, we used to do stuff like this all the time, but I guess I just don't know as many hipsters now.

All that to say, we're enjoying ourselves. It's cool having another girl with bangs around.

What I Wore
Dress - Lucca Clothing
Ballet Flats with Ribbon - Urban Outfitters
Earrings - H&M London (little sister got them for me years ago!)
Sunglasses - Kate Spade (c/o Nordstrom Rack)
Red Vintage Purse - thrift store back home

What Mary Wore
Teal Button Up - Old Navy
Polka Dot Pencil Skirt - Forever 21
Strappy Sandals - H&M
Sunglasses - Burlington Coat Factory
Red Purse - The Icing

Stay tuned for more fabulous-ness from us!



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