Monday, November 29, 2010

Latest Obsession: Blow Dry Bars

As I mentioned earlier, I had some quality time with the newest issue of InStyle Magazine while I was waiting for my plane home a few weekends ago. Since we're quickly nearing the end of 2010, this issue was loaded with so much loveliness that I still need to finish "studying" everything. During my LONG delay at the airport, I spent most of my time reading the STYLE 100 section, which included the top 100 fashionable highlights from the year. You better believe that I folded down a bunch of page corners!
Well, #52 in the STYLE 100 especially caught my interest. Over a week later, I am still talking, thinking, and tweeting about it...

Source: Dry Bar LA
Blow dry bars are much like your typical hair salons, except that the services are limited to washes and blowouts, meaning no cuts or dyes. By cutting out those regular, expected salon services, it actually opens the door for stylists to focus on creating more complicated hairdos. Customers go to blow dry bars specifically to get salon-quality styled hair without having to wait for the next cut. 

At first, I thought this idea sounded a little crazy, but the more I've researched it the more I can't wait to visit one of these salons. Yes, the prices can be a little steep, but it would definitely be worth the investment, every now and then, for special occasions (like upcoming holiday parties). I'm already planning to visit BLOW, the NYC salon that InStyle credits for starting it all, next time I'm up that way. Also, fortunately for me, new blow dry bars are already popping up nationwide, so maybe one will turn up around here in the near future. I sure hope so!

Where to go for blowouts:
* Dry Bar - Los Angeles (new locations coming)
* Bubble Blow Dry - Los Angeles
* Blo - San Francisco
* Swink Style Bar - Seattle
* HERSHESONS - London (salon has hair tutorials here)

When I go, I want my hair styled something like Lily Donaldson or Taylor Swift's waves. I think it would look especially pretty swept to one side.
Source: Poozt

If you live near any of the salons listed or even a different blow dry bar, please pay a visit for me. Tell me what you think, so I can live vicariously through you! 


  1. Blow dry bars? How interesting and gimmicky but in good way! I would love to have a good wave!

    About Arcade Fire: I think Rebellion was the first song I heard from them, too!! Funeral is definitely my favorite album of theirs. It's so good! Every song could've been hits.

    Thanks for your comments, Sarah! You are so neat! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :)

  2. I never heard of such things. interesting!!!

  3. i love taylor's swift's waves!! so natural and pretty. Blow dry bars sound really cool!

  4. Oh! I love Taylor Swift's hair, as well!! She has such a nice style, and I love her music!! <3

  5. I visited the Dry Bar in Los Angeles and had an easy time in and out but pretty forgettable. Felt kind of like a Super Cuts dressed up for prom night. I visited my mother in Newport Beach and she had seen an ad for a new Blow Dy Bar by South Coast Plaza. It's called The Blo Out Lounge. I figured just another cookie cutter. Wrong! This place had it down. Fun, sexy, smart and smiles from everyone. We had Mimosas, and relaxed it the most adorable Salon I've ever visited. With my Mom I felt like a little girl. We had a great time and I've decided whenever I vist this place will be my first stop.