Monday, November 8, 2010

Fashionable Face: Alison Sudol

Do you recognize this lovely redhead? You should! She's none other than Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy.

I don't remember how I discovered Alison's music, but, one day in 2007, I realized I had been frequenting her myspace multiple times a day for weeks. So I ordered her album, One Cell in the Sea, and was hooked. And like any good friend, I got all my besties hooked as well!

Alison is known for her ballads (especially those reminiscing past relationships - what could have been, what she's glad is gone, how to move on, etc.), but her latest album has a good mixture of upbeat and slow numbers. If you're new to her music, I recommend any of it! But for a quick taste, listen to the following:
"Almost Lover"
"Near to You"
"What I Wouldn't Do"
"Swan Song"

Beyond her beautiful tunes, she has incredible style. In many ways, I feel like we should be style sisters. 

We both love...
* Vintage outerwear, hats, and scarves
* Mustard yellow
* Long hair
* Pretty dresses
* Feminine, delicate details (lace accents, high waists, and floral prints)

Alison often looks like she stepped out of another era but was slightly modernized, leaving her completely current yet unique at the same time. Now that's difficult to pull off! I feel like that's how vintage lovers should be though. It's not necessarily about being a complete "replica" of an era - it's about making it work for the here-and-now, mixing modern and vintage creatively. Does that make sense?


Check out this cute stop-motion video of Alison!


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