Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today's Winnings

It has been quite a wonderful day! I spent the afternoon hanging out with my younger sister (she is also one of my besties!!). After a nice, VERY-filling lunch, we hit the malls to work off a few pounds before heading back to watch (500) Days of Summer. The shopping trip was really successful for us both. Check out my "winnings" (pictured above) in detail below:

1) Free "Be Stupid for Successful Living" t-shirt from the latest issue of NYLON Magazine - What a wonderful way to get people to buy NYLON. My sister and I often share issues of mags, but getting a free t-shirt enticed us into buying our own copies. Funny thing is: I rarely wear t-shirts. This one is pretty cool though!
2) Latest issue of NYLON Magazine - This magazine is so hip, fresh, cool, creative, etc, etc! Not your typical fashion magazine and always an interesting read, I dream of writing with them one day. On my way!
3) Boho Magazine, Issue No. 6 - Just discovered this New Jersey-based magazine in the bookstore today, and I am quite possibly in love. Upon every turn of the page in this green fashion magazine comes something very whimsical and pretty. Plus, every issue is printed on recycled paper! 
4) Feather Earrings - Not sure how it happened, but until today's shopping trip, I did not have any feather earrings. These were cute and only $3.50 from Claire's, so "cha-ching" went my card! Who carries cash anymore anyway?
5) Gold & Cream Dress by Rampage - Sometimes you happen upon those dresses that look just as great on the clothing rack as they do on you. Seeing and trying on this dress led to that kind of lovely experience. By the way, it was on sale for only $16.99. Now that is an absolute steal!
6) Leopard Ruffled T-Strap Pumps by Madden Girl - I love t-straps, animal print, and pumps...ruffles are debatable. Combining several good things can sometimes lead to a disaster, but, in this case, it worked. Even if it had not, these pumps were only $12.99. Once again, CHA-CHING! 

Until next time...


Modeling the free tees from our NYLON mags!


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