Friday, February 19, 2010

I've always wanted to live in a store...

This has already been a crazy busy year, but I LOVE it! New opportunities find me all the time, and some/most are absolutely mind-blowing. I am very fortunate! In my newest fashionable endeavors, I may have the opportunity to do some freelance stylist work. More details later if the opportunity works out, but the possibility of the job gave me an idea:

As I was cleaning my bedroom this evening, I realized that there is just not enough room for everything in my closet. I can get things put away, but I always end up forgetting about what I have because things get crammed together. So I am thinking about a bedroom redesign--possibly resembling a stylist's closet. Instead of keeping clothes only in my closet, I want to get some smaller rolling racks for the main space. I have some shelves that are not going to any real use, so I can use that area for hats and headbands.

I would love to have a bedroom to be used almost like my style office. It would be the perfect inspirational environment in which to write my fashion articles, and I could bring clients in to choose outfits for shoots. Plus, none of my clothes would get lonely or forgotten anymore!

This could be fun...almost like living in a mini boutique! I will keep you updated on everything!



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