Sunday, July 15, 2012


I grabbed this little dress off the clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack about a year ago, and what do you know...high-low skirts are everywhere now! I remember something similar happening when I found my favorite accordion pleated skirt (before the trend hit hard) off the clearance rack at Urban thinking, "Hmmm, that's new, haven't seen it on anyone lately. I like it. I will try it."
It's a great dress, definitely worth the $10 (I think) that it cost me. I love the way the fabric flows when the wind catches because it feels like a cape flying behind me.
In other news, I was noticing how "monstrous" my calves have gotten since I moved out here. Since I opted out of having a car for the first few years, I knew walking would become a huge part of my life. I would say that I easily achieve between 22-25 miles on foot each week simply commuting places. Needless to say, I have muscular legs.

My hair has also lightened up quite a bit on its own here. This is probably due to so much sun exposure (back to the fact that I walk EVERYWHERE) and the quality of water (sometimes I feel like it smells of chlorine). Either way, my hair is turning to a pretty color, and I have a natural ombre since long hair fades.

I love my city. There are always places to go, people to meet, and new memories to be made. I have enjoyed it thoroughly, making the MOST of every opportunity. These are years that I will remember for the rest of my life. Of course, I still have my share of sad, indifferent, and "life-is-not-fair" moments, but those times have made me stronger and equipped me for the future. Life is a constant learning experience if you allow it to be.

It's been especially fun having my little sister here with me this summer. She is truly one of my best friends, and it is going to be weird having a room to myself again when she heads back to the homeland.
The girls with the bangs. Some people think we're twins.

What I Wore:
Dress with High-Low Skirt - Nordstrom Rack
Vintage Belt - my grandma's closet (where I get all my best accessories)
Necklace - gift from Daddy
Wedges - TJ Maxx
Purse - Kate Spade

What Mary Wore:
Floral Dress - Nordstrom Rack (I have the same dress in gray)
Sandals - H&M
Red Purse - The Icing



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