Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fashionable Face: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Alright, so today's post might as well be an excuse to talk about one of my many celebrity "crushes," all of which are always recognized for their impeccable sense of style.

Back when I first noticed Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 10 Things I Hate About You, I was actually a little more into Heath Ledger. But ever since he starred in (500) Days of Summer and Inception, Joe (can I call him that?!) has stolen my heart.

Whether he is rockin' a tailored suit (complete with a vest or bowtie), slicking his hair back or keeping it a tad shaggy, or making that signature "Joe" grin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt always looks clean cut. I think he looks old school yet timeless. Based on looks alone, he's the kind of guy your parents would be proud to see you bring home. Beyond giving off that feeling of being a respectable guy, he is also full of personality and unexpected talents. Seriously, have you SEEN him dance in (500) Days or during his opening number on SNL?

My sister and I get especially smiley when Joe talks...he just says some words in a really cute way. Part of this comes from him being an actor playing different characters, but I want to believe that some of it is just him. For instance, while he's portraying Jason Mraz on The Mellow Show SNL sketch, he talks about "playing music for girls." And he owns that accent for his character in Inception. It's just cute!

Okay, I'll stop gushing about this man of style now and leave you to enjoy his impressive dance moves  and contagious grins in this video from (500) Days.


P.S. For another dance routine from Joe (featuring Zooey Deschanel), click here!


  1. Love Love Love Love LOVE him!

  2. Mmm. I KNOW! He is totally from Babe Town, USA! Good post, Sarah!

  3. I love him, I love his style. And I LOVE that video with Zoeey Deschanel in the bank!