Thursday, August 5, 2010

The ever-popular stream of consciousness blog

In anticipation to a very busy summer, I started a mini blog in early June. As much as I love writing full-blown posts for you lovely people, my schedule this summer has only been conducive to short snippets into what I am thinking about, listening to, or admiring. Hence, the creation of It's a Lovely Life, which has long been my twitter user name as well (follow me @itsalovelylife). You might have noticed the reference to "lovely life" in the subtitle of this blog.

Hope that you are already a reader there, but, if not, check it out!

Again, thanks for bearing with me this summer and continuing to check back. I have really enjoyed reading your sweet comments. Get excited for a packed-out fall with fashionable conversation. I have been brainstorming all summer!



  1. Just saw your tumblr! I love me some Fleet Foxes, too! :) SNL hasn't been very funny lately. The writers have been so-so, and they made Amy Poehlr not as funny as she could have been.

    I haven't been updating as much as I want either! Hope you are having a stress-free week :)

  2. I thought it was interesting to note that you, Brittan, Christa, and I are all 23!!