Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chapter Four

2014 Mission Statement: Posted above my desk at work
This post is long overdue, and I've entitled it "Chapter Four" because this year marks the beginning of my fourth in DC. If you remember, just a little over 3 years ago, I packed my bags (just 3 in fact), boarded a plane and moved to a city I'd never even visited. I'm happy to report that this place is still exactly where I'm supposed to be.

I had so many wonderful plans for my blog last year, but God clearly had some very different, albeit wonderful, things in store for me. Truly, He opened up some doors that I could've never foreseen, and I'll continue to praise Him for His faithfulness.

While I'd like to be more regular at documenting my life and providing fashionable conversation here, I'm not going to count it as failure if I don't. Life is lived outside of the interwebs after all.

But what is a new year without resolutions?

As usual, this year I have plenty of goals, including specific categories with separate lists, sub-points and sometimes sub-sub-points. That's just who I am: a listmaker.

But, everything that's in my "2014 Success Plan" goes back to one overarching, all-encompassing theme, thesis, determination, mission statement...whatever you want to call it.

I want to invest in people and learn from people. 

I've always been a "people person," and that's because I believe people are valuable. They are worth impacting, deserving of love, kindness, investment and friendship. People also have a wealth of knowledge in areas that I don't because, even with similarities, everyone's life is different. I want to make sure I'm learning from people just as others are hopefully able to learn from me.

So how do I want to measure success this year? Through the people God puts along my path, allows me to influence and learn from.



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