Thursday, January 10, 2013

What will you make of yourself?

New Year's Eve - 2012

A new year.

I can hardly believe it every time I write "2013." I'm amazed at how much time has gone by since I graduated college and moved to this fabulous place I call home. There isn't one moment or memory I would trade.

We all know a new year wouldn't be a new year without goals, so I'd like to share a few of mine moving forward to 2013. 

Uncover old dreams.
However funny it might sound, I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately. A re-evaluation of sorts, thinking back on the path that brought me where I am today. While I'm not quite sure what it all means yet, I do know that God puts dreams in your heart for a reason, and your dreams are rarely the same as someone else. Some dreams may never come to pass, some are fulfilled later, and some come about before you can blink twice. Sometimes new dreams are even born from broken dreams.

All good and right things require hard work. This year, I want to pay careful attention to the effort I am putting forth (not just at my job) and make sure that I'm still giving more than my all. If my dreams are worth pursuing and worth having, they deserve my utmost attention and effort. 

Pour into others.
If you know me, you know I love people and will usually choose socializing over sitting at home, even after a full work day/week. I guess you could say the theme of the last two years has been, "Always say yes" (channeling a little Yes Man). I love making new friends and discovering what I can learn from them. Yes, I actually enjoy networking. But sometimes I wonder how much I'm really investing in my friends. How am I showing that I care about them? What am I doing for them? How am I helping meet their needs? I want to find more lasting ways to invest in people--beyond the surface. That could mean sending a note of encouragement, giving a book away that influenced me for the better, mentoring a younger friend, or simply actively listening to one who is hurting (really being there, not just in the room).  

Plan ahead with my wardrobe.
I want to take a day, once or twice a month, to evaluate what I have and what I need. Upon each evaluation, I'll do a fashion inventory and make a list of things (dubbed "essentials" or "desires") to keep on hand when I'm out window shopping (we all know I never just window shop though). During inventory, I'll pull together new outfit combinations, snap a photo, and save everything for future use. Currently, I have a reminder on my calendar to prepare outfits a week in advance, and having a database of all my outfits will be helpful in this success! 

Blog at least once a week. 
Long post, short post, whatever I long as it HAPPENS. I miss blogging a lot, and I feel like a part of myself is missing without regularly writing about fashion. So I'm going to devote time every week to brainstorming ideas, writing up posts, and being inspired by other fabulous bloggers. IFB is a great resource, and I need to use it more often for ideas and blog development. No need to re-invent the wheel! In addition, I'd really like to get connected with other fashion bloggers in my area. There are some really stylish people around here!

Continue living a healthy lifestyle. Body, mind, and spirit.
Body: Overall, I feel like I did a great job being active last year. I easily walked up to 25 miles per week, just during my commute to and from places (the perks of living in a walking city). I also started running regularly and occasionally did Insanity with my best friend Chelsea (girl in the blue dress). This year, I want to continue all of these habits, get more rest, and add Pilates DVDs to the mix.

Mind: I had wonderful plans for my intellectual health last year, and I did okay. I read and watched the news every day, constantly got lost in Relevant Magazine articles, and attempted reading several books for book club. I just need to do more of all of that and actually finish books.

Spirit: Reading the Bible and going to church impacts my life. I need both, and when I throw them to the wayside, my life suffers and I lose my sense of purpose. I need to invest more in these things this year.

Okay, this turned into a novel of a post. Glad to be back though. We'll be talking more soon!


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  1. I love your New Years Goals! I especially liked your "Pour Into Others" and "Spirit" goals as I can definitely relate. I think working on actively listening makes all the difference, as we can so easily concern ourselves on what we have to say instead of vice versa. Such a great insight!