Monday, February 18, 2013

What I Wore: On a Lazy Sunday

Now that I'm supposedly a grownup, I appreciate Sundays more than ever. Halfway through each week, I start longing for my Sunday afternoon nap. By Friday and Saturday, I forget I'm tired and need to rest because the weekend fun draws me in. However, by Sunday morning after church and brunch, exhaustion catches up with me once again, and it's time to pull the covers over my head, shut the curtains, forget about my cares, and sleep it all off.
This long weekend (thank you, President's Day!) has provided a double dose of relaxation, and I have taken full advantage. I needed time to truly relax and catch up with life, give myself a chance to ponder everything that has transpired.
While I've always enjoyed the quick pace out here, I think it's important for one to stop and just think--appreciate or re-evaluate life's events. Too often, we let things come and go without the smallest care, or we don't make time for pursuit of our dreams. Maybe I'm just sentimental or don't want to miss out on an important lesson. Who knows?  
I guess I keep going back to the theme I named for this year: What will you make of yourself? For some reason, it's been coming up constantly, and I know there's a reason for it. All I know is I want to be ready for whatever God is doing in my life and not miss out on it, so that must be why I find myself appreciating and pondering in times of solitude.
On a different topic, I wish I could've snapped a few of these photos outside, as it was so bright and sunny! However, that sun was just a tease because the cold air was too much to bear, so I stayed in the warmth of my cute kitchen. 

Speaking of my house, my friends say that I live in a cottage. It's quaint, cozy, and eclectic--complete with a spiral staircase. More photos to come later on. Since I just moved in about three months ago, I still have some decorating and organizing to do.
Hope you enjoy what is left of this glorious weekend!

What I Wore:
Fringed Cowlneck Sweater - Anthropologie
Jeans by Cult of Individuality - Blue Seven (Oklahoma City boutique!)
Riding Boots by Arturo Chiang - Shoe Gallery (best kept secret in OKC?)
Earrings - Forever 21



  1. You are the cutest thing! And you blue eyes are hypnotizing!!!!!! It's Yan! Met you at the DCFF thing on Sat!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!! Here's mine :) See you soon!

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