Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inauguration Ready: Grand Ball

While I might not attend a full-blown inaugural ball this weekend, there are plenty of events that absolutely warrant a beautiful gown. If money were no object, I would love to wear the gorgeous combination above. The moment I saw that dress, I knew it was made for a 20-something Washingtonian like myself. What more could I ask for? Vibrant color that is sure to make my eyes pop, accordion pleated skirt that references the 70s, deep yet elegant neckline that begs for a long, icey necklace... Combine all those things with a loose low bun or knot (especially if you have long hair like me), as not to cover up the front or back of the dress, and this dress is ready to be showcased!

It certainly might not be the usual choice for a ball gown, but its flowy elegance would make any girl a standout at the ball. Besides, wouldn't you rather wear something a little unexpected and be the one everyone is talking about?

Get the Look: Pleated gown by Halston Heritage - $495 - Neiman Marcus
1) Vintage evening cape - $60 - 75Studios; 2) Beaded clutch - $126 - Nordstrom; 3) Eyeshadow palette by Shiseido (Snow Shadow) - $33 - Sephora; 4) Geneve lace necklace - $98 - Stella & Dot; 5) Geneve lace earrings - $44 - Stella & Dot; 6) Geneve lace ring - $49 - Stella & Dot; 7) Sparkly silver pumps - $280 - BHLDN



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