Sunday, January 1, 2012


So I'm just a little obsessed with false eyelashes right now. I'm fortunate to have naturally thick, long lashes, but sometimes I feel like more drama. Besides, with all the Christmas parties and get-togethers this past month, I decided it would be a fun little something extra. I definitely hit up Forever21 for pretty much every pair (only $1-3/pair).

While I'm sure I'll probably continue wearing false lashes here and there (as special occasions allow), I stick with Falsies Mascara by Maybelline on a daily basis. I wouldn't be surprised if I was one of the first thousand customers of this lash magic makeup. I grabbed it the moment it hit stores and have never felt the need to switch since then. And believe me, I'm known for always switching my mascara out of want for trying something new. Currently, there are three versions of Falsies: 
Black Drama
I have all three, but I'm using Flared the most right now because it was most recently introduced. I think Black Drama is my favorite though - absolutely high on the drama.

Love your lashes, lovelies!



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