Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fashionable Face: Florence Welch

On my daily quest to change up my daily music listens, I was reminded of Florence + the Machine this afternoon. I confess that I was not too familiar with her music, as I only really noticed this vintage songbird during the Academy Awards in that lovely red carpet look that had everyone talking for weeks. Anyway, with my new Spotify account, I pulled all her albums and sent them to my queue, and now I am obsessed...particularly with the following songs:
- "What the Water Gave Me"
- "Dog Days Are Over"
- "Cosmic Love"
- "Swimming"
- "Drumming Song"

Musically speaking, I love anything with a good beat, especially when you can hear those great vocals clearly, feel that drum, and get a hint of techno at times even. It makes you want to get up and jump around and shout to the world, "THANK GOODNESS MUSIC EXISTS!!!" Well, that's how I feel when I hear Florence Welch make music at least.

Style-wise, Florence continues to inspire. Her wardrobe proves to be made up of vintage and vintage-inspired uniqueness that includes sophisticated lace, floppy hats, and flirty prints just to name a few. And that bright red carefree hair makes me envious, almost giving me cause to go red myself.

I leave you with the latest from the stylish songbird:



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