Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fashionable Face: Twiggy

Okay yes, Twiggy is more than a fashionable face. She is, without a doubt, iconic. And however expected or unoriginal it sounds, she is my greatest style inspiration. When I discovered who she was, I secretly wanted to be her, especially since I was often called a twig as a little girl.

This year, as Halloween crept upon me once again with no costume ideas, I finally realized that I should go all out with the mod look of Twiggy (and the mod movement itself). After all, this is an era that I love so much for its style...and great eye makeup. Plus, I am a big fan of buying things that I will continue to wear or use in some way, so it made sense to dress as my style icon.

See how I pulled off the mod look without stepping foot in a costume shop.

Get the look:
1) Dress - $17.80 - Forever 21; 2) Tights - $15 - Anthropologie; 3) False Eyelashes - $2.80 - Forever 21; 4) Black/White Eyeshadow - $58 - Sephora; 5) Fringed Oxfords - $62.99 - Mod Cloth; 6) Earrings - $35.99 - Mod Cloth

Get the hair:
I washed my hair and immediately parted it very far on one side and combed it over. While it was still wet, I pinned it down because my hair isn't used to being parted on the side (plus, I have bangs). As it started to dry, I began applying some hair paste to slick my hair down flat and cover up my bangs. I kept the bobby pins in to keep hair from getting in my eyes, and I teased the back of my hair to get a little volume and then set everything with Aquanet hairspray. Yes, how retro of me, right?

Get the makeup: Tutorial by Pixiwoo
Where would I be without my darling Pixiwoo? These British sisters who just happen to be makeup artists have taught me so much, and they have a fabulous Twiggy-inspired makeup tutorial. I had it playing while I was getting ready to ensure I did not miss a step.

So lovelies, that is how I stayed fashionable this Halloween!


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