Sunday, January 9, 2011

Natural ACNEdote by Alba Botanica

When I was out on my spontaneous adventure a little over a month ago, I came across this skincare line. The clean white bottles looked promising, so I picked one up, smelled it, read about the ingredients, and debated purchasing. As a girl who has tried practically everything that is out there for acne, my skin can handle and needs strong acne-fighting solutions. And since my skin becomes somewhat immune to various cleansing treatments after a while, I try to switch up my products when I can. In need of a switch is right where I found myself when I discovered ACNEdote by Alba Botanica

But I didn't purchase the product(s) that day, even though I probably should have. I needed some time to research the ingredients, check out reviews, and compare prices online (yes, I'm one of those shoppers). Plus, even though my current skin care system (at the time) was beginning to lose its effectiveness, I still liked it and wasn't ready to risk having painful breakouts or allergic reactions from a brand I hadn't ever used. However, it was becoming pretty expensive to invest in every three months. So when I returned home, I started researching and quickly became very impressed with the Alba Botanica brand. I liked their use of natural ingredients--something I had surprisingly never tried for skincare.  

The key ingredients in ACNEdote are willow bark extract (natural source of salicylic acid), lemon balm and parsley extracts (for deep cleansing and oil control), and green tea (to calm irritated skin). One of these ingredients makes the system smell really good. My sister walked by the bathroom when I was treating my skin and could smell the aroma, so it's quite a strong scent. Your face feels clean, refreshed, cooled, and tingly right after, which is something I certainly love.

Currently, I am using the following products from the line:
* Deep Pore Wash, $7.47 - I thought I wouldn't like this foaming wash because it doesn't exfoliate your skin, but it does an amazing job cleansing. It also leaves your skin feeling soft while cutting down the oiliness.
* Deep Clean Astringent, $6.97 - This is the product that makes your skin cool and tingly. It might feel slightly harsh the first couple times, but you just have to get used to it. I look forward to putting it on my skin everyday.
* Oil Control Lotion, $11.47 - I love using this as my moisturizer. It works so well with my acne fighting foundation during the day.
* Invisible Treatment Gel, $6.97 - For those target areas where you have a spot, this gel is perfect. I really have seen great results within a few hours, as promised on the packaging.

Since ACNEdote has passed my test with flying colors and I still miss a little exfoliation, I am ordering the face and body scrub to complete the system. All of the products, except the scrub, are available at Wal-Mart on the natural beauty product aisle. Obviously, it's very affordable for everyone!

Anyway, I highly recommend this skincare line for anyone with acne-prone skin. In the month that I have been using it, my complexion has improved tremendously. Three cheers for clearer, smoother, softer, and happier skin! 



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