Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Concert Fashion

A while back, my besties and I went to a concert featuring Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. I have to admit that I was only slightly familiar with Grace, but I left the concert inspired and blown away by her powerful pipes. Just listen!

Yes, I definitely recommend giving Grace a listen, but let's get down to concert fashion real quick...

As every fashionista knows, musician or not, a concert is not a concert without the perfect outfit. I've always thought it important to think about the concert venue and music genre before going.  For example, when attending folk concerts, I usually dress in vintage-inspired prints with moccasins or my mom's cowboy boots from the 80s. That same outfit wouldn't feel quite right for a punk rock concert--I'd prefer an edgy vest and screen tee.

Anyway, since the venue for Grace Potter was pretty casual (standing room only), and I didn't know her genre too well yet, I decided to wear something comfortable and typical "me-during-FALL." So I threw together a look with one of my favorite shirts and signature skinny jeans:

What I Wore:
* Plaid Button-Down Tunic - under $20 - Forever 21
* Gray Skinny Jeans - under $25 - Pacific Sunwear
* Slouchy Boots - $8 - Ross
* Vintage Purse - FREE - my grandma's closet
* Vintage Coin Necklace - FREE - my grandma's closet


P.S. Hope you enjoyed some new scenery in my photos today!

Oh, and you might notice that I have a hairband around my wrist. That totally reminds me of a post one of my fave bloggers, Brittan from What She Should Have Worn, wrote recently. Check it out: Hairbands are NOT bracelets


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