Sunday, May 30, 2010

Black & White Only Please

Apart from being excessively interested in fashion, blogging, and both those things combined, I also work during the day putting my marketing degree to good use. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend an amazing event for work with some pretty notable people in my area. It was a dress-up occasion, which made me especially excited. Not surprisingly, I had just as much fun coming up with an outfit as I did meeting some fabulous people! 

What I Wore:
* Little black dress by Ruby Rox from Ross
* White patent leather pumps by Michelle D from Dillard's
* Vintage white clutch from my grandma
* Retro sunglasses from a local boutique
* White earrings from H&M (in NYC)

Do you like my black and white theme? It had been a while since I worked that combo, so I enjoyed the classic simplicity of the look.

What a fun night!


P.S. I ended up wearing those pumps for over three hours, and there was not much of an opportunity to sit. So my feet gladly enjoyed flats the day following the event!