Sunday, January 23, 2011

The 4 P's of Anthropologie

How do you know you live in an awesome place? For me, it's when I have access to my FAVORITE store in the whole world, Anthropologie!! 

I've never lived in the same town as an Anthro, which means all my admiring of the beautiful clothes, pretty trinkets, and cute housewares has been via the Internet or during an occasional visit out of town. That's hard on a girl who loves to try on clothes and get lost in a store for hours. Long distance relationships just don't work out so well for me. But all is well with the world, as I now have TWO stores just a train ride away. I really couldn't be more pleased.

I remember when I first discovered Anthro, or, rather, I should say my sister did for me. She was working near one at the time, and, the moment she walked in the store, she knew I would gladly wear anything in it. So she took me there, it was love, and the rest is history. Right away, I could tell that going to Anthropologie would be like stepping into a magical land where everything is pretty, quaint, cute, girly, happy, sweet, and elegant. Or, as my edgy little sister would say, everything is very "delicate."

LA store at The Grove

Now for girls that live around here, loving and wearing Anthro already feels a bit like a club and/or sisterhood. Day one of work, one of my coworkers asked me if I liked Anthro, I got really excited, and she quickly told me where to find the nearest store (much-needed information!!). Plus, just the other day, I met a lady who was sporting a GORGEOUS mustard jacket that I had totally seen on the website, so of course I had to say something. She talked about how she'd been "stalking" the jacket for some time and luckily caught it on sale. We continued talking about how much we love the store for a good two minutes. So great.

Anyway, I finally had the chance to visit one of the stores yesterday, and it was wonderful! I was there most of the afternoon trying on practically everything. But my oh my, how time flies when I go there. Anthropologie really does a great job of creating a happy shopping experience, and I think I know why...

The 4 P's of Anthropologie: 
Mostly everything that I tried on during my recent store visit!

* Patron - They know their girl.
I obviously love this store, so it's hard to imagine others not loving it as much as me. But I do recognize that there is a specific type of girl that frequents the store, and Anthropologie has THAT girl figured out. Anthro girls embrace the beauty of their femininity, go crazy over anything vintage-inspired, and invest in quality pieces. Trust me, I'm of those girls.

* Product - They know what their girl likes to wear.
The store is filled to the brim with sweet pieces that you will meet and love for a very long time. I could easily pick up and wear almost anything in the store and be completely true to my style and also be on-trend. That is a rare find anywhere else. Yes, I can find pieces of my style in most stores, but Anthro KNOWS my style.

A few dressing room looks - you'll have to wait and see what I actually bought later!

However, just to be clear, I think it best not to limit yourself to one store for your style. I just think it's refreshing that Anthropologie gets me so well that I could incorporate anything from there into my wardrobe.

* Presentation - They create the environment that their girl loves.
Decor, lighting, displays, colors,'s a fantastical world at Anthropologie. Some of the larger stores have a really inviting home section with beautiful furniture. I could grab a copy of The Great Gatsby along with some warm tea and curl up on one of the couches for hours. It's just a cozy, warm atmosphere.

photo via Feminine Modern

Check out some pretty pictures of these stores: New York, Los Angeles, London, New Orleans, DC

* Personnel - They take care of their girl when she comes to visit.
Nearly every time I've visited a store, the sales associates have been fantastic and really gone out of their way to help me. There's no limit to the number of items you can take into the dressing room, they don't rush you out, and they're more than happy to grab a different size if needed. Plus, the associates are well-informed about the pieces they're selling--most likely because they love the store too.

I'll stop jabbering now and shall leave you with a few of the pieces on my wishlist!

Anthropologie Wishlist

(collage created via Polyvore - click on the photo for links to each item)

Happy week ahead! 



  1. I'm glad you had fun and that you live near Anthropologie! We do have awesome stores here in the DC area. A lot of my friends like to go to Georgetown too to go shopping. I have almost the same exact white blouse you tried on from that second to the last photo. I love frills :) I would love to get those shoes on your wishlist! They look really neat.

  2. Anthro is one of my favorite stores (when I can get things on sale of course!) Love the pieces you tried, so cute!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I LOVE this post Sarah & i love anthropology so excited about their new wedding line!